Smooth surface

A smooth surface is achieved by letting the panel harden against a smooth metal or laminated plywood mould surface. The level of glossiness and the shade of the surface vary, thus giving a natural look.

Area of application: façade surfaces of exterior wall panels, also indoor surfaces, and paintable surfaces.

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Rolled surface

Rolled surface is a semi-matte scabrous concrete surface, created with a paint roller in the initial phase of concrete hardening.

Area of application: as a rule, roller imprint surface is used as an underlying surface for balcony tiles and staircase panels, and it is recommendable to cover it with paint.


Steel-float surface

Steel-float surface is created on freshly moulded concrete in the initial phase of hardening by smoothing the surface of the product with a steel trowel. The finished surface is glossy with imprints left by an arched tool.

Area of application: in residential and office premises, for walls which will be filled and painted; in industrial premises, for walls which will not be treated further.



Concrete surfaces

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