Barn complex of Weiss OÜ

Location: Viisireiu village, Saarde parish, Pärnu county, Estonia
Construction time: 2017-2018.
Scope of works: production and delivery of concrete elements.
Concrete elements: hollow-core slabs, columns, prestressed beams, 3-layer plinth elements.
Concrete volume: ca 2 600 m3


BillerudKorsnäs new packaging materials factory

Location: Gruvön, Sweden
Delivery time: 2017
Scope of works: Production and delivery of concrete elements
Concrete products: Columns, beams, hollow-core slabs, massive slabs, wall elements
Concrete volume: 32 000 m3
Architect: Tengbom

AS ABB production and office building

Location: Aruküla Rd. 83, Rae parish, Jüri settlement, Harju County, Estonia
Construction time: 2012
Concrete products: columns, prestressed beams, hollow-core slabs, balconies, stair elements
Concrete volume: 3 092 m³



Extension of A. Le Coq logistics centre

Location: Palsa tee 1, Tähtvere parish, Tartu county.
Construction time: 2011.
Concrete elements: columns, prestressed beams, I-beams, TT-slabs.
Concrete volume: 578 m³.


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