TMB Element made a donation to children who require dietary foods for special medical purposes


OÜ TMB Element donated 3,000 euros to SA Tartu University Hospital Children’s Fund to support the purchasing of dietary foods for special medical purposes to gravely ill children.

The idea of supporting the Children’s Fund came up at TMB Element this autumn when planning Christmas presents for our clients and partners. Instead of purchasing promotional gifts, we decided to make a contribution to help sick children.

Tartu University Hospital Children’s Fund was our first choice, as the charity organisation had already attracted our attention with their well-organised activities to support gravely ill children. When we met Küllike Saar and Eveli Ilves, the representatives of the Children’s Fund, we saw the care put into managing the fund and were convinced that the carefully considered courses of action of the fund will help us reach those in need.

TMB Element decided to direct their donation to the Children’s Fund support project for children who need dietary foods for special medical purposes. The Estonian Health Insurance Fund sadly does not compensate the cost of such foods, but sick children require rather expensive special formulas to obtain nutrients and vitamins necessary to grow and cope with their illnesses. We hope that other companies in Tartu will also support the admirable activities of the Children’s Fund.

According to Küllike Saar, Strategic Manager of the Children’s Fund, it is lovely that increasingly more companies think of the Children’s Fund and decide to put the money set aside for promotional gifts into charity instead. ‘TMB Element is an example for many others, who can do the same this Christmas,’ Saar encouraged.

SA Tartu University Hospital Children’s Fund is one of the oldest and biggest national charity organisations in Estonia. Since 2000, they have contributed nearly three million euros with the help of donators to help hospitals purchase equipment as well as support children requiring special treatment or care and their families. With the help of the Children’s Fund, you can help sick children by becoming a recurring donator at If you wish to apply for support or inform the Children’s Fund of someone in need, send an e-mail to

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