Wall elements

OÜ TMB Element manufactures wall elements as follows: three-layer thermo-insulated exterior wall elements and solid wall elements.

Sandwich-wall elements (hereinafter referred to as SW-wall elements), to the bearing interior layer of which a non-bearing exterior layer has been hung by stainless steel anchors.IMG_5408

Finishing possibilities of the facade layer of wall elements are as follows: mould surface, exposed aggregate surface concrete, brushed surface, rolled suface, coloured concrete surface (pigment concrete), etc. For more information, please see product description of wall elements, as well as section of Concrete surfaces.



Wall elements are used mainly at the construction of dwelling houses but also non-residential buildings. The building speed will increase considerably by building from precast wall elements, whereas it is possible to produce the exterior enclosures of a building with a adequate heat retention, whichs is very important in terms of energy conservation. Also, the exterior facade of a building with exterior walls made of SW-wall elements does not need any supplementary finishing.


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