TMB Element donated 3,000 euros to the Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation to support children with hearing impairments


For the second year in a row, OÜ TMB Element is making a donation to seriously ill children instead of giving promotional Christmas gifts for partners. This year, the company will support children with hearing impairments with 3,000 euros, which will help to acquire cochlear implant speech processors for up to six children.


Mai Mitt, Sales and Marketing manager of OÜ TMB Element, said that the company decided to continue its cooperation with the Children’s Foundation because the foundation has been doing a great job in helping sick children. ‘Last year, we supported the purchase of dietary foods for special medical purposes for severely ill children,’ said Mitt and added that at the time, the idea of supporting the Children’s Foundation came about at TMB Element when they were planning promotional Christmas gifts for their partners. ‘Our team collectively decided to support children instead of making promotional gifts,’ Mitt said.

Mitt explained that this year, they chose to support the project that aims to acquire cochlear implant speech processors for children because the employees were fond of the idea of being able to improve the life of children who need help. ‘We would like to draw public attention to the fact that every donation to the Children’s Foundation is of great help to severely ill children,’ Mitt stressed.

Küllike Hein, Strategy Manager of the Children’s Foundation, expressed her utmost pleasure that TMB Element chose to donate the funds allocated for promotional Christmas presents to help ill children instead. She also hopes that the good deed will become a tradition and that other companies will also follow TMB Element’s example and incorporate charity into Christmas and New Year’s holiday celebrations.

‘This year, TMB Element chose to help children with hearing impairments. With the help of generous individuals and businesses, the foundation helps to cover the non-covered 5–10% or 500–1,000 euros of the total cost of a cochlear implant speech processor that hearing-impaired children need for hearing,’ Hein said. ‘Cochlear implants are wonderful but complex and expensive tools for children who cannot hear. The inner part of the hearing implant is surgically implanted into the inner ear for life, but the external part – the processor – needs to be replaced every seven years on average,’ explained Hein, highlighting the importance of donations in providing hearing-impaired children with well-functioning hearing aids.

SA Tartu University Hospital Children’s Fund is one of the oldest and biggest national charity organisations in Estonia. Since 2000, they have contributed nearly three million euros with the help of donators to help hospitals purchase equipment as well as support children requiring special treatment or care and their families. With the help of the Children’s Fund, you can help sick children by becoming a recurring donator at If you wish to apply for support or inform the Children’s Fund of someone in need, send an e-mail to

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