Kvartal multifunctional centre

Location: Riia Str. 2, Tartu, Estonia.
Construction time: 2015-2016.
Concrete products: columns, beams, prestressed cross-bars, beams, wall elements, hollow-core slabs, TT-slabs.
Concrete volume: 12 925 m3
Arhitect: Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid OÜ.


IKEA shopping centre

Location: Helsingborg, Sweden.
Construction time: 2009.
Concrete products: TT-slabs, columns, prestressed cross-bars, hollow-core slabs, wall elements, stair elements.


Prisma shopping centre

Location: Nõlvaku Str. 8, Tartu, Estonia.
Construction time: 2011.
Concrete products: prestressed beams, hollow-core slabs.

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