Tekniska Verken, combined heat and power plant

Location: Linköping, Sweden.
Construction time: 2014.
Scope of works: production and delivery of concrete elements.
Concrete products: hollow-core slabs, wall elements, prestressed slabs, columns, prestressed beams. 
Concrete volume: 4 881 m³.
Architect: Winell&Jern Arkitekter AB.


Kv Järnet 6 parking house

Location: Tyresö, Stockholm, Sweden.
Delivery time: 2012-2013.
Building area: ca 5 300 m².
Number of parking places: ca 200.
Scope of works: Design-build of concrete frame.
Concrete products: hollow-core slabs, wall elements, stair elements, columns, beams.
Concrete volume: 553 m³
Architect: BSK Arkitekter AB.


Common building for Rescue Board and Emergency Call Centre

Location: Kaunase Rd. 73a, Tartu, Estonia.
Construction time: 2013-2014.
Concrete products: wall elements, columns, beams, hollow-core slabs, TT-slabs, stair elements.
Concrete volume: 1 141 m³.
Architecture: Arhitektuuribüroo Siim & Põllumaa OÜ.


Genetic engineering and biotechnology center

Location: Riia tn 23b, Tartu, Estonia.
Construction time: 2010.
Concrete products: wall elements, hollow-core slabs, balcony slabs, stair elements, columns, beams.
Concrete volume: 721 m³.


Academic building of the Estonian National Defence College

Location: Kose Rd. 3a, Võru, Estonia.
Construction time: 2013.
Concrete products: wall elements (patinated surface and whitened surface), hollow-core slabs, stair elements.
Concrete volume: 1 664 m³.


St. Paul's Church in Tartu

Location: Riia tn 27, Tartu, Estonia.
Construction time: 2012-2014.
Concrete products: large and thin floor slabs of the nave; urn vaults of refined concrete with a bluish hint of colour.


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