Delta building of the University of Tartu

Location: Narva Rd. 18, Tartu, Estonia
Construction time: 2018-2019
Concrete products: Columns, prestressed beams, hollow-core slabs, massive slabs, wall elements, stair elements
Concrete volume: over 3 200 m³
Architect: Arhitekt11 OÜ

Photos by Andres Tennus.


New building of Estonian National Museum

Concrete Building of the Year 2016
Location: Muuseumi Rd. 2, Tartu, Estonia
Delivery time: 2013-2015
Building area: ca 33 800 m²
Scope of works: production and delivery of concrete frame
Concrete products: prestressed beams, TT-slabs, hollow-core slabs, facade elements
Concrete volume: 3 607 m³
Architect: SARL D’Architecture Dorell Ghotmeh Tane


New building of Tartu University Institute of Physics

Location: Viljandi Rd. 42, Tartu, Estonia.
Construction time: 2012-2013.
Concrete products: relief patinated SW wall elements, 1-layer wall elements, hollow-core slabs, stair elements, columns, prestressed beams, massive slabs, TT-slabs.
Concrete volume: 4 276 m³.
Architect: Kadarik Tüür Arhitektid OÜ.

Tartu University Hospital buildings

Tartu University Hospital buildings J, K and L. 
Location: Puusepa Str. 8, Tartu, Estonia.
Constuction time: 2013-2014.
Concrete products: wall elements, hollow-core slabs, columns, stair elements, prestressed beams. 
Concrete volume: 6 997 m³.


Science Center AHHAA

Location: Sadama 1, Tartu, Estonia.
Construction time: 2009.
Architect: Arhitektuuribüroo Künnapu & Padrik OÜ.
Concrete products: columns, beams, hollow-core slabs, massive slabs, wall elements, stair elements.
Concrete volume: 361 m³.


Extension of the Võru State Gymnasium

Location: Seminari Str, 1, Võru, Estonia.  
Construction time: 2014.
Concrete elements: painted SW wall elements with relief surface, 1-layer wall elements, hollow-core slabs, stair elements. 
Concrete volume: 542 m³.
Architect: Esplan OÜ.


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